2009 - 2010



The Essay

Let Them Eat This: Applewood Bacon Cupcakes, Noah’s Ark, and Tasty Cake Creations
Rachel Aquino

Squeezed Out of the Squeeze Inn
Lisa Palmer

Crate Digging
Amber Yan*

Community Healthcare Suffers from Budget Cuts
David Lavine†

Lady in the Dunes
Jennifer Chaussee

Red Threads
Halley Miglietta

Ford Motor Company, the Ultimate Comeback Kid: Forgetting the Past and Facing the Future
Nicole Nguyen

Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Modernization and the Classical Dependency
Tess Fischer

The Audience–Actor Relationship at Shakespeare’s Globe
Paige Greco

Charlie Wilson’s War: Cavalier and Facile, or Politically Relevant?
Megan Baer

Méliès and McLaren: Motion Moving the Story
Mikaela Watson*

The Anatomy of a Poem: “A Hand-Mirror”
Emily Goyins

Pillars of Salt: Memory, Victims, and the Problem of Survival
Kevin Peterson†

Gender and Resistance in Apartheid South Africa: Come Back Africa, Mine Boy, and The Island
Brigitte Johnson*†

A Cherokee Woman
Amanda Aubrey

David Karimi

The Meaning of Safety
Kali Jessica Rubaii


Scientific & Technical Writing

How Can Complex Structures Evolve by Natural Selection?
Michael May*

The Mob Attacks!
Lisa Knapp

The Survivor and the Pea
Kyle Ryan*

Activation, Expression, and Deregulation of the Notch Signaling Pathway in Human Breast Cancer
Rachel Erin Smith

The Disadvantages of Shod Running for Modern Humans
Casey Whipple

Foot-and-Mouth Disease: Diagnosis and the Carrier Problem
Jake McHaffie

A Synergistic Effect of the Multiple Domains of Yersinia Protein Kinase A
Matthew Wright

SETI@Home: A Parallel Programming Paradigm
Maximilian Becker & Gautam Peri

Holocarpha macradenia v. Alternate Transportion: Arana Gulch & the Broadway-Brommer Bike Path
Amy E. Lee

Arctic Sea Ice and a Changing Climate
Daniel Swain†


*Student also awarded Honorable Mention(s).
†Student published in previous volume of Prized Writing.