1989 - 1990


Dear Mr. Dalby
Mark Delgado

Not Simply Pure—Olive Oil
Elizabeth Garone

A Potent Performance
David Yamamoto

A Critical Evaluation of Herbert Marcuse's An Essay on Liberation
Robert Woods

Discipline and Tears
Joseph J. Flores

Pear Trees and Silver Spoons
Reid Bengard

Agent Orange: A Tragic Tactic
Allan Cordova

A Blond in Science
Gail F. Eaton

Seeing Through Superman's Eyes: Some Conjectures on X-ray Vision
Jim Schaal

Another Member of the Wedding
Grace Tang

The Impact and Volcanism Theories of Extinction and Change at the Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary: Constraining Evidence
John Ferrari

The Roomates
Joel Scambray

Hawk Born of Nothing: Recognizing Truth
Wendy L. Schreiberr

Malignance and Illness in Hamlet 
Sarah T. Lawson