2001 - 2002

The Essay


Scientific & Technical Writing
Female Susceptibility To Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tears
Christine Ogden

Nitric Oxide Inhibition of Global DNA Repair: Implication for Carcinogenesis
Elaine Chu

Biogeographical Change of the New Zealand Endemic Fauna Following the Introduction of Rat Species
Katie Penkoff

Ethical Dilemmas in Biochemical Research Funding
Emily Lesch

Fighting Cancer Stigmas
Lisa Gershman

Haven't Heard of Hepatitis C? You May Have It and Not Even Know
Amanjit (Amy) Sekhon

Whooping Cough: The Forgotten Illness
Shannon Smith

Findings of Accelerometer Investigation for Airbag Deployment System
Brett Miller

Design and Describe Report
Tatyana Shevnina

Equipment Evaluation Memo
Manprit Kapoor

Changing Times, Changing Faces: The Extinction of Homo Neanderthalensis
William Baker

Probiotics: The Furture of Preventative Medicine
Joe Zhang