2003 - 2004



The Essay

Mensa: My Enlightened Nerd Saturated Adventure
Nikki Mueller

An Addict Clean and Sober
Peter Huggins

OxyContin: From Prescription to Addiction
Brooklynn Binkier

High Stakes in Baseball's Annual Lottery
David Owen

Jewish Feminism: "Witnessing a New Phase in the Continuing Process by Which Judaism Adapts Itself to Modernity"
Julia Van Soelen

Nature as "Edutainment": The Baby-Boomer Generation Does Disneyland
Angela Hawk

The Crisis of Profitability and Starbucks' Discourse of Cultural Appropriation
Brandon Bussolini

Picturing Chinatown:Technology, Ideology, and Containment in Arnold Genthe's Photographs of Old Chinatown
Andrew J. Ramos

The Negotiation of Political Identities: Being Queer and an Asian Pacific Islander
Mingzhao Xu

Struggling with Assimilation: Li-Young Lee's "Persimmons"
Diana K. Chan

Domination and Performance: The Influences of Freud, Said, and Butler on Hwang's M. Butterfly
William Baker

From Man to Monster: The Politics of Black Masculinity in Stephen Crane's "The Monster"
Hana Noelani Fujimoto

Inside the Box: Ambiguity and Cold War Culture in The Man in the High Castle
Elif Somnez

For the Darkly Curious Child
Katherine Rosa


Scientific & Technical Writing

Physiological Ecology of the Mudskipper: A Synthesis
Donya Saied

Australia's Terrestrial Vertebrate Biodiversity: The Survival Challenge
Marianne Dominguez

Neanderthals: A Link to Our Future
Elise Diamond

An Assessment of HIV Research in the Last Three Years
Jennifer Baure

Two Unique Androgen Receptor Mutations Causing Complete Androgen Insensitivity
Jeromy Miller

Predictors of Children's Emotional Reactions When Disclosing Abuse
Patricia A. Amaral

New BJT Amplifier Design with High Gain and Low Power Dissipation
Ridah N. Sabouni