2004 - 2005



The Essay

A Primer for the Execution of Anti-Social Behavior
Jarrie Chang

The Quick and Easy Guide to Writing a Love Song
Travis J. Perkins

How to Counterfeit
Albert Hsueh

[fΛk]: The Ultimate Four-Letter Word
Elizabeth Dudley Weston

Making Language Strange in Ezra Pound’s Haiku
Vanessa Uhlig

The Machinations of Desperation
Alex Addley

Kings and Desperate Men: The Purgatorial Crux of the Eternal Question in Hamlet
Katherine Rosa

A Suicide Holiday
Melissa Smith

England and Punk
William Hunter

Katsushika Hokusai’s Ghost of Kohada Koheiji: Image from a Fallen Era
Sara Sumpter

Why Contemporary Americans Need to Understand J. Edgar Hoover’s Role in the Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Arianna Smith

Enduring Malaise: How the De-Unionization of the American Workplace Turned the Working Class into the Working Poor
Tammy Wilder

Mountain Farming in the Ancient World and Northern California
Wolfgang D. Rougle

Maggot Art: Insect Education
Mike Sintetos


Scientific & Technical Writing

The Battle for the Clear Creek Management Area
Shannon Arata

Impacts of Reintroduced Gray Wolves on Ungulates and Scavengers within Yellowstone National Park
Aaron Van Der Groen

The Cockroach
Marianne C. Dominguez

Physiological Components of Fitness as Determinants of Sprinting Performance
Scott Lee

Finding the Link between Periodontitis and Cardiovascular Disease
Alysha Megan West

Medical Abortion: A Safe and Effective Alternative to Surgical Methods
Alison Santana

The Acculturation of Sex and Health: An Asian American Dilemma
Lanjun Wang

The Pharmaceutical Industry: Marketing Tactics Present Potential Detriment to the Quality of Patient Care and the Integrity of Medical Research
Hoiman Chiu

Tetracycline’s Ability to Overcome Infecting Organisms’ Resistance
Zac Carrico

The Effect of Silicon Nanocrystal Size on Optical Properties
Catherine Cox

Fundamental Human Communication Systems: Language and Music
Sara Bay Marostica