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2002 - 2003

The Essay


Walking Through Maasailand
Mike Dias

Tres Croissant
Samantha Lew

awaken, not stirred
Jonathan Lai

I Brake for Hmongs: A Defense of Their Culture
Jennifer Sablad

Paperclip Man
Christian Danielsen

Charity as a Function of Neo-liberalism and Global Class Structure
Dennis G. Gay

Genocide and the Romantic: The Characterization of Marlow in Conrad's Heart of Darkness
William Baker

Johann Sebastian Bach and the Lutheran Chorale
Erinn Losness

The Not-So-Reality Television Show: Consumerism in MTV's Sorority Life
Kyle Dunst

The Ebonics Controversy
C. Michelle Kleisath

The Enchanting Armageddon: Kandinsky's Artistic Credo as a Sorelian Myth
David Chui

Of Love and Loathing: The Role of the Vulture in Three Cultures
Brooke Byrd

No Child Left Behind and the Future of State-Run K-12 Public Education
Shelly Bennett

Cinderella and Society: The Use of Jokes in Children's Culture
Jacqueline Curran

The Black Death and Surviving Traditions in Medicine
Josh Rosa

"Comedy Tonight"—Or Is It?
Laura Dullum

Woodland Services: The Changing Face of Child Welfare
Luke Muir



Potential Parallels in Presenilin Dependant g-Secretase Cleavage: A Research Investigation of Notch, APP, and the EGFR
Jill Heidinger

A Review of Livestock Impacts on Riparian Ecosystems: Vegetative and Aquatic Consequences and Grazing Management
Leslie M. Roche

Research Proposal: Neuroprotective Effects of R-Type Voltage Sensitive Calcium Channel Antagonists in Traumatic Brain Injury
Izumi Toyoda

Redundancy Recommendation T.
Andrew Black

The Stinking Truth: What Your Perfume Is Really About
Shannon Larson

Who's the Boss? Reforming Your Dominant Dog
Tracy Bitz

Living a Whole Life
Linnae Edmeier

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